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Membership is here!

" With our new small business membership support services we're able to offer big business using a small businesses budget. Our memberships are the same "Service Level Agreements" but more robust and affordable." 

Regardless of your industry, company age, or head count, every business in the 21st century needs tech help from time to time. Experience has taught us that there are a core set of concerns that they all share though. In response to this, we've created our new small business membership agreement. Using our Five Spheres approach to achieve clarity, we can usually reduce your ongoing support down to a flat monthly fee.


Remote Support, Antivirus, Updates & Monitoring


Our agreement means having secure remote monitoring and control software installed on all your computers. Through it we'll be able to keep an eye on your equipment, install critical security patches, watch for infections or hardware failures, and help you remotely when you need it.  Finally, any other work we perform for you (data recovery, Google Apps, etc) will be billed at a 20% discounted rate. 


Monthly Fee, Short-Term Membership Agreements


We make it a point to not lock you into long unbreakable agreements. We ask for an initial 9 month commitment. Afterwards, you revert to a month to month agreement. This puts the burden on us to provide you with excellent service and make sure your business technology is running well. If at any time you decide to make changes, no problem. We can grow or shrink your support according to your needs. Oh and if for any reason you decide to stop using us, we'll make sure to give you a fresh copy of any documentation we've created so you won't have to reinvent the wheel with another support company. No other support company does this, but we do.


Services Not Covered By SLA

Services Not Covered By Membership


New Equipment/computer Setup - If a new computer is purchased that is being added to an existing environment and not a replacement for an existing computer, a remediation fee will usually apply. This includes devices like printers, scanners, network hardware, etc. Hardware costs will be paid by client and labor charged at the discounted SLA rate.

Shop Service - Data recovery, drive imaging, special projects, dev work, etc.

Off Hours Support - Normal coverage hours are Monday thru Friday 7am to 7pm. Support on alternative hours may not be possible and will incur an emergency fee if assistance is rendered off hours.




What's Included?

We've got you covered...


  • All User Computers (Up To Threshold)
  • Support For Systems Listed Above
  • Up To One Server or NAS Device
  • Network Security & Monitoring
  • Hardware Monitoring & Reporting
  • Antivirus Licensing & Protection
  • Cloud-based Remote Support
  • OS Security Update Management
  • 3rd Party Update Management
  • Virus/Malware Removal

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